Its all about emotions


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We intent to take it one step further within the universe of luxury by providing a fresh outlook, add up an enhanced level of emotion & experience & knowledge to the person who purchases a luxury product or service of this type. It is quite different to provide a welcome reception to clients who want to purchase a property in French Burgundy with a simple bottle of their favorite champagne, Or rather take them by helicopter to the vineyards, accompanied by an expert and overview their future property from the sky. Right after followed with a presentation of the winery’s best champagne surrounded by the beautiful vineyards and on top of all that have the vineyard owner drop by to say hello and welcome them to their new future home. That’s the distinctive experience, that’s the essence and emotion we want to capture. The backbone of our service.

Then The value of the product or service is not measured only by its usefulness or its tangibility but also by the emotional impact and how it’s going to affect upon buyers before actually buying it.